Thursday, 1 December 2011

DIY: Button Wreath

Here's a little DIY to get you into the festive spirit!

You need:
Chunky yarn in the colour of your choice
A polystyrene hoop
Buttons in whatever colours and shapes you like
A wool needle

01. Tie your ribbon on.

02. Wrap your wool around the hoop and cover it completely. I went all the way around, twice.

03. Stitch your buttons on with some more of the yarn.

04. Keep adding more buttons. Mix up the colours and sizes to get whatever effect you desire. Keep going until the whole wreath is covered, then tie off.

05. Hang and be merry!


  1. adorable!! i've been wanting to make my own wreath but seems like im running out of time to buy the polystyrene hoops :)

    x susan

  2. I like! Such colourful pretty buttons. Do you know I did the same kind of thing the other day, wrapping white yarn around one of my wreaths, but instead of buttons, I tied on fabric pieces (my hubby has an odd button phobia, strange but true :P). I will try and share a photo of mine on my blog sometime soon.
    Have a great weekend!

  3. Susan - when I got mine it was the only one left in the shop apart from really teeny ones. Next year if I want to make another I will be more prepared! x

    Magie, I would love to see your wreath! One of my old friends had a phobia about tissues so I'm familiar with strange phobias! x


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