Monday, 1 August 2011


You might ask why. And it's because I am joining the Crafty Photo Scavenger Hunt! The idea is that each month there will be five themes on which you can take photographs, then at the end of the month we can all share our pictures and see everybody's ideas. It's going to be fun coming up with things to photograph and choosing my favourite pictures, and also seeing how other people interpret the categories. Very inspiring, and brilliant for getting the creative juices flowing!

Kirsty from The Leopard Anchor is masterminding it all, genius that she is, and if you are interested in joining in then click on the link above or the button in my sidebar and you can find out all about it and see the categories for this month! (And even if you don't want to join in you can follow the link to check out Kirsty's gorgeous blog!) How many exclamation marks can I squeeze into one post?!!!

Happy snapping!


  1. Sounds like fun! Thanks for sharing. I am going to check out the details now :)

  2. Hello! Looks fun, but have you seen my photos?! Not my greatest skill. I shall look forward to looking at everyone else's.
    And thanks for following my blog. I was more thrilled than I should have been to find I had another follower. Hurrah!

  3. Magie - yay! I'm very excited about it, and about seeing what other people come up with. Hope you can join in! x

    Missy - aw, I like your photos! You don't have to have any skill level or anything, I know nothing about photography - I just have a point and shoot and know a couple of good online editors! (And having Photoshop helps too!) I love your blog, it's full of character and I'm sure your readership will grow and grow! x

  4. Ooo, lovely idea.
    Off to check out the link now...


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