Sunday, 9 October 2011

That was the week that was

Another week's gone by, and I'm delighted that I still haven't had to put the heating on! Here are my photos for the week!

New jumper!

The bicycle is coming on.

A delightful surprise on my walk to work - I rounded a corner to be met with these smiling faces!

My yard is overrun, but it's pretty looking at raindrops on green leaves.

Spicy sausage casserole!
I hope you've all had a lovely week. Have you got your heating on yet? I'm tagging these weekly photo posts as seven in seven, even though there aren't seven. What can I say? - I'm a rulebreaker!


  1. oh i love this superfabulous and cute bambi jumper!!!
    love and kiss,mary

  2. Ok, I give in... my heating was on Friday night and last night we had the fire on. Nothing yet tonight but upon settling down to watch X Factor I may give in again!
    Love that jumper, I'm sure I saw that somewhere today at the shops in Southend. Please put me out of my misery!
    This week I am going to do a sausage casserole, especially if the weather gets colder.
    Have a good week, mrs.

  3. i think your photos are beautiful : )

  4. I am in love with your jumper? Where's it from? Love your blog, often read and don't comment but your jumper has made me brave! :-)
    Lovely pics.
    Nicki xx

  5. My jumper is from Tesco of all places! They had it on sale. It was £11 in store but it was £16 on the website. I thought that was a bargain!

    Mary, thank you!

    Missy - when you've gotta put it on you've gotta put it on! I had a tussle with some secondary glazing film at the end of summer and so far it seems to be paying off!

    Demie, thank you very much. I like taking pictures but don't do it nearly enough. Must get more organised.

    Nicki, thank you for commenting! It is lovely to see you! *goes off to look at Nicki's blog* x

  6. Love the jumper, and I'm ashamed to say I've had the heating on most days this week! (Partially to dry the mountain of washing I've got, I had to re-wash sheets because they blew off the line). Need to take my camera more places to catch more lovely pictures like yours :) xxx

  7. Such an adorable jumper! Your bicycle is coming along well. The spicy sausage casserole sounds yummy! I haven't put my house heating on yet either..though I do have the wood burner going in the just to warm up the place in the evenings..secondly cause I like the cosy feeling. Have a great week!

  8. yum to spicy sausage casserole! sunflowers are always a delight, surprise ones even better.
    your garden reminds me of my first one back in UK, i loved it.

  9. i adore your jumper! love the photos you took and the sausage casserole makes me feel hungry now, i do love sunflowers and those are so beautiful! have a great weekend! x susan

  10. Oh I have the bird necklace that you have on in the first pic- it was a present for my 30th. Accesorize? it is the same one yeah?

  11. Yes! It is Accessorize's finest. I love it! Mine was a gift too - but from myself to myself. Heh :D


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