Sunday, 16 October 2011

Remind Me

Last week in pictures.

Boats on the river

Is there a more blissful way to spend a Sunday morning than with a Cinnamon Swirl and the Boots Christmas catalogue? 

Swirly bubbles remind me of clouds.

Pretty flowers

Barbecue pork courtesy of my beloved husband - the slow cooker!

I had a run-in with a pair of wedges. Devil duckies to the rescue!
I hope you had a wonderful week.


  1. Great photo's. That cinnamon swirl looks pretty yummy, I could go for one of those about now :) Love the ducky bandages..what was the free toy inside?

  2. I really love your blog - was just catching up on some recents posts and your cushion designs are great. I love the 'il pleut' designs, they will look lovely and so apt for this country!! I'd like one of those for my conservatory sofa!

    I'm totally going to Tesco to see if I can find one of those jumpers, if not I'll get one online. Hope you've had a lovely weekend!

    Nicki x

  3. There's so much to be said for curling up with a Christmas catalogue! All the better with a cinnamon whirl (and a good cup of tea!) :-)

    Great shot of boats on the river,

    Jem xXx

  4. Magie - the free toy is a little mini devil duckie! He still lives in the tin, bless him.

    Nicki - thank you! I think I will make something with the Il Pleut design on, whether it's a cushion or something to put on the wall, not sure yet. Good luck on the jumper hunt!

    Jem, thank you. I love Christmas catalogues and can write endless lists of things I like or things to buy for people! I had a Starbucks Chai Latte with my cinnamon swirl, it was so good. x

  5. ouch to blisters....boy do they hurt and
    check out the sewing kit in boots it is the cutest, couldn't resist...well you can never have too many?
    Jane x x x x x

  6. You certainly can't! *rushes back to catalogue*

    The most annoying thing about blisters has to be the ITCHING! GAH! :D x

  7. awww a cute ducky bandages! sorry about the blisters though, happened to me alot when i'm wearing wedges or heel but no duck bandages to the rescue :( ehehe...the cinnamon rolls makes me drool and the bbq pork makes me so hungry now! love all the photos you too and the effects you use, lovely!

    xx susan


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