Friday, 2 September 2011


Hello everyone, it's been a while. I've not been very well recently and everything has fallen by the wayside! This includes but is not limited to: going to work, cleaning the house, washing (I don't just mean laundry) and obviously keeping up to date with everyone's latest adventures in crafting, creating and cooking. I feel very out of the loop!

Today, though, on a mission to Tesco to get a slow cooker (the call of Autumn gets louder by the day, and I felt I needed one to get me through!) I got my grubby hands on issue five of the grail that is Mollie Makes. It reminded me that I was out of touch with you all. So I'm back on to say that I'm still alive, to say particular thank you to Little Dotty Bird who chose me for a blog award (especially wonderful since I've been MIA!) and to say hello to all the lovely new people who've taken the time to read my inane ramblings! Oh, and to remind you MM is out, in case you didn't know...

Issue five of Mollie Makes is out! Hurrah!
My afternoon treat - a lemon curd muffin. No I didn't bake it - silly!
I hope you are all well. ♥


  1. mmm...getting more and more interesting in Molly Makes...and lemon curd muffins ; )

  2. Ah welcome back and I hope you are feeling better! Take it easy, put your feet up and browse your new mag!

  3. Welcome back :) Enjoy browsing the magazine. That lemon curd muffin looks really yummy! It is getting 'slow cooker' kind of weather now. I have an old one, but it sure comes in handy in Autumn/Winter. Perfect for nice warm comfort food :) Have a lovely weekend..

  4. glad youre feeling better!thanks for the mollie makes reminder (and for mentioning me!), am gonna see if if can grab one tomorrow! and ive really got to find a good wheat free version of muffins..yum!! x

  5. Hope you're feeling better soon, and welcome back

  6. Ah hope you are better me love. Horrid isn't it, when you can get everything done due to illness.
    Welcome back
    x x

  7. awww sorry to hear that u've been feeling unwell recently hope ur feeling better soon! congrats on getting an award! thanks for the reminder on MM issue 5, i have to get my hands on it asap! that lemon curd muffin looks delish! x susan

  8. Thank you very much everyone, you've made me feel all warm inside! Heh.

    I am so looking forward to using my slow cooker, it's going to be brilliant.

    LDB - muffins are not too bad in supermarket wheat free sections, they seem to be fairly easy for them to get right (and they don't taste of coconut like every pastry-based cake!) I like Tesco's own chocolate. (I'd rather eat Honeybuns though - they make fabulous wheat free cakes.)

    Thank you everyone for all the well-wishes. I am feeling a lot better now, and am playing nurse maid for my poor fella who has the lurgy himself now! (He'd better not give it back to me or there'll be trouble!)

    I hope you're all having a lovely weekend.x

  9. Good to see you back!
    Can't believe the new MM is out- this means the trials of trying to find a copy which still has its free gift!
    Ho hum.


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