Sunday, 10 July 2011

Seven in seven

Seven days in seven photos!

A cup of Earl Grey after work

My wool arrives!

Yummy stir-fry for tea

My gorgeous headband from Beauxoxo

A hook case dry run

Chocolate cupcake!

I finally got my mitts on it.

I hope you've all had a lovely week.


  1. love mollie makes magazine! enjoy it. and that cupcake looks delightful :)


  2. Grrrrrrrr, I'm after a copy of MM and can't get hold of it at the mo- lucky you!
    Love the cupcake and crochet and lush wool too!

  3. oh what a lovely idea. that cupcake looks insanely good.

    re your comment on my blog ~ argh balancing everythingi want to and love to do is so hard...i increasingly find there just aren't enough hours in the day!

  4. Emily - I'm loving MM, so many beautiful things to look at!

    G4C - thank you!

    Annaboo - there were only two left in the store when I got mine. It seems to be universally popular!

    Rosie - the cupcake was very good. Unfortunately I can't eat wheat so it gave me a stomach ache, but it was totally worth it!

    Balancing everything is very hard - there aren't enough hours in the day to craft, run, keep the house tidy, eat, sleep and work full time. Given the choice, I'd see the working part go to free up more time for the other things! :)

  5. The magazine looks really good, I had a little look at the website...think I'll have to order myself a copy too as a treat! Ive been getting selvedge magazine, which is beautiful and inspiring but hugely expensive, but MM looks right up my street. Thanks for sharing, I would never hae heard of it else, we live in the middle of nowhere and I doubt it would ever appear in our nearest village shop! looks like you had a good week x

  6. Dotty - I heard about MM through other blogs and I'm glad I did, it's lovely. Your magazine sounds good too, I've not heard of that one. I'll have to investigate! :)

  7. I love your photography! I've just invested in a new camera and I'm trying to teach myself, practice and improve - but it helps to check out other peoples' work.

  8. yum to that little cake!

    i started a hook case once..... lol

  9. Andrea - thank you so much. That's a really lovely thing to say. I very much enjoy taking photos but I don't think I'm great at it so that's really encouraging! x

    Monica - yay cake! I gave the finished hook case to my mum and she loved it, but I'm not sure what to do with the mini attempt I made. It's too small for hooks, maybe I'll keep my scissors in it!

  10. I know! You do a day in the life post and I'll do a 7 days and 7 pics!!


  11. That is a FAB idea cuckoo! I will do it! Brilliant, I'll keep an eye out for your 7 days in 7 pics. I'll have to choose a day this week where I'm actually doing something as I'm off work and it'll just be a load of pictures of me sitting on the couch, heh heh :D x

  12. I just found your blog today, and thought I would leave a comment :) I love the photo's. I like the idea of 7 days in 7 photo's. The cupcake looks really yummy! Nothing beats a nice cup of Early Grey tea. Have you tried Lady Grey that is quite nice as well :)

  13. Thank you magie, it's lovely to have a comment from you :) I haven't actually tried Lady Grey, which is weird because I love tea and like pretty much all kinds. I'm sure I would like it very much - I'll have to get some next time I go shopping!

  14. I've just popped over to say Hi and saw your "day in the life" post. I had no idea you had answered my comment here! I didn't pop back to see if you had. I nearly missed it! I'd forgotten about the 7 pics so I'm really glad I stopped by today. Perhaps you'd be better leaving replies on the commenters blogs so they don't miss your replies.....I'd have hated you to think I had just decided to not do the 7 days thing. I'm going to start today with my picture taking. So grateful for the reminder.


  15. You are right Cuckoo, next time I do something like this I'll drop a comment on your (or the person in question's) blog - I get confused about all this 'no reply blogger' stuff! And I worry about spamming up other people's blogs with my inane waffle! But I will do it from now on. I have the mentality of a beauty blogger, and I've found the craft blogging world to be much friendlier and more welcoming and with a lot more communication between bloggers. I am going to leave a comment on your blog right now to tell you I wrote this! :D x

    PS really looking forward to seeing your week in pics!


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