Wednesday, 6 July 2011

New things and a little project complete!

I have been doing things veeeery slooowly these past few days, as the sunburn I mentioned on Sunday was actually a lot worse than I realised and by Monday it was agony. I had coated myself in Factor 50 but somehow missed a small patch on my back and it now resembles bacon! Crochet has been the perfect activity - it lends itself to leaning forward, and is distracting without being too complicated, so the past couple days I've been making some hearts out of the end of a random ball of wool. I decided to make them into a little garland, and I also had a first attempt at Picot edging. Today I stitched the hearts to the 'string', and voila!

I didn't realise how apalling the light was! I am photographing it now anyway though, because my mornings and early evenings are currently spent cleaning and treating my burn! Silly sausage. I hung it around the top of my bed. The colours don't really go, but I couldn't care less - it is bright red and has hearts, so I love it. It will make me smile when I wake up in the morning and don't want to go to work!

I also had a delightful moment of happiness yesterday when I received a couple of parcels through the post. On Monday I only owned two crochet hooks - a 4mm and 2.5mm, one of which I half-inched from my mother! So I decided to change that and by Tuesday I had these:

They are colourful! My hook collection just septupled! (If that wasn't a word already, it is now!)

I also wanted some odds and ends to make some little bits and bobs like flowers, little toys or dolls and shapes of various descriptions. So I hit the internet once again and yesterday I got these:

I want to climb into the pile and roll around in it! They are all DK and are crying out to be made into happy little things. I think some little amigurumi dolls might be on the cards. I love the bright colours, and there are loads of little balls so lots of possibilities. It was a little parcel of pure happiness.

Have you had any exciting things through the post lately?


  1. My most exciting postal delivery recently was some little wooden blocks. I am going to cover them and ink them and make gorgeous gifts for people!
    Love your heart bunting crochet. Seriously cute.

  2. the hearts are cute!
    I love getting things in the mail- is so exciting
    I went through a bad "ebay addiction" a while ago, where I couldn't stop buying things- it's just so easy............
    your wool has made me want to go shopping :)

  3. I love your crochet heart garland! I have those crochet hooks but I haven't crocheted for about 6 months, work sure does get in the way of crafting, huh?!

    I got the best post ever today, my subscription copies of Country Living and Mollie Makes :-)

  4. How cute- just love that red.

    I have just been painting the summer away.

  5. Annaboo - the blocks sound like they'll make beautiful little presents. I shall look out for the results :)

    G4C - that's good that it wasn't an actual addiction! I love bright coloured wool, there's something so happy about it. There's so much of it on ebay too, I can understand how it's easy to get drawn back to it time and again.

    Kirst - I WANT Mollie Makes. I must have it. I will have to hunt it down or possibly subscribe, it looks so awesome. Also, work stops me doing so many things I want to do. I basically would rather be doing anything than being at work. It massively sucks right now!

    Erika - It's a great bright red, really happy. Painting sounds good too, very relaxing. :)

  6. little parcels that boost our creative juices are so fun! i have stamps that are itching to be inked. lol

    have you ever used bamboo hooks? that's what i use, except for the tiny ones.

  7. ouch, you must be in a great deal of pain- you poor thing.
    I love the heart bunting, and the hooks 9 I have the same ones). I also want Mollies Makes, like you I will probably have to subscribe, because I can't seem to find it anywhere. x Jo

  8. Monica - I haven't used bamboo hooks, I don't really know much about the differences between different hook materials. Are they easier or more comfortable to use? Do they give a different finish?

    Jo - Thank you for the sympathy! My workmates have been making gaspy noises and pointing at it all week! Mollies Makes looks so good. I need to make a concerted effort to locate the current issue, I don't want to miss out! x

  9. Ouch to your sunburn..hope its feeling a bit better, Mollie Makes..I managed to hunt one down in Asda, didn't even realise they sold it there which is maybe why they still had some :)
    happy crocheting x x x x

  10. I love the hearts garland, it makes me want to give crochet a try! (there are so many little time!) one day I'll get around to it, hopefully with more success than my knitting fad, which ended abruptly when I was heavily pregnant and trying to do something relaxing!! (it was not relaxing, slippery needles and merino wool and no patience...waah!

  11. Jane - that's helpful, thank you - we have a big Asda in here so if I can't find it in town I shall head out there! My sunburn is actually feeling a lot better than it was on Monday, thanks to a lot of Aloe Vera, a helpful OH and very kind workmate who didn't mind putting the gel on for me!

    Dotty - crochet is so much fun. I really enjoy it. I'm still pretty new to it really, haven't made many things before but I am stepping up production! Your knitting story made me laugh, I am a very impatient person 90% of the time so I can imagine it must have been frustrating! I hope the wool and needles didn't hit the wall too hard! :D

  12. ooh i would be excited too at all those crochet hooks, i love knitting and crochet! i love your crocheted hanging on the bed <3 x

  13. Uhooi,,
    Wow,, It works great and beautiful,,

  14. Rosie - thank you! I love my crochet hooks. There are so many of them!

    Uhooi - thank you!

  15. That heart bunting is so pretty! Mollie makes is necessary, they have a super offer on where you get 3 issues for £5 Where did you get the crochet hooks from if you don't mind me asking? xxx

  16. Thanks for that Helen, that's a fab offer. I got my hands on issue 3 (I think it is, with the felt rings) and I believe I will be needing not to miss any from now on!

    I got the hooks from a seller called craft*which on ebay. I really like them, and they came pretty quick too which is a great thing for an impatient person like me! x


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