Thursday, 4 August 2011

Treats, and trying something new

Good evening everyone! I hope you're all having a productive, stressless and creative week! Or at least I hope you haven't been saturated too often in these heavy storms. I have so far managed to dodge them!

Anyway, an unexpected few pounds appeared this week, and although I am saving right now I thought that I might like a little treat! Here is what I got:

Of course I raced into town after work today as it's Mollie Makes day! I intend to subscribe at some point, I hope I haven't missed the offer they had. I am a notorious 'I'll do it at some point' type! So this is my evening pretty much sorted!

I also got an A4 exercise book, a glue stick, and some beautiful Staedtler Triplus fineliners in pastel colours. I have been lusting after them for a while now! They were half price in Ryman (with student discount on top) so quite bargainous really. And I had a bit of change left over, too. (Which I somehow resisted spending on chocolate!)

Anyway, the new thing I want to try is journaling. I have been reading a fab series of posts about journaling at the lovely Her Library Adventures. There were lots of tips about journal keeping, and links to some lovely journalers, and I wanted a piece of the action! Hence the book, glue, and beautiful pens! I wanted a thin, exercise book type journal just for doodling and putting creative ideas in while I'm at home. I already have a beautiful leather (look) A5 journal I'd like to use as an 'anywhere, any time' type journal - it's gorgeous.... and I haven't used it since I bought it, which was like two years ago now. Crazy! So it's about time I showed it some love! That link there takes you to the introduction post, and there are five or six others more recent, all of which are fab and have really inspired me!

Do you keep journals or idea books? I know Pinterest is a big deal right now (I'm not on it myself, not yet anyway) but do you like something tangible to keep your ideas in? I have Virgo rising and am an obsessive list-maker, so I have a great many notebooks I'm not using. I can't wait to get some things down on paper!


  1. OOoh Mollie Makes is out! I shall have a look for that on my travels.
    Your journaling sounds fun, I know I'd never do it! I have a plethora of notebooks, all with one thing on one page that I don't understand a week later! I'd be like you though, go out and buy all the kit first!
    Have fun and keep thinking about that Middle Street fish and chips!

  2. I would love to start a creative journal as well. I have tried in the past to keep a diary and always seem to have good intentions at the start..then a week or so later it collects dust :P Though it looks like the old style 'just writing about the day' has changed, to a more creative and fun way to write, and I like the idea of adding photo's.
    Happy Journalling! I hope you able to put those pretty pastel fineliners to good use :)

  3. Missy - heh, that really made me laugh. I AM still thinking about the Middle Street fish and chips! Hee hee! I know what you mean about loads of notebooks that aren't being used - I have a drawer full of them! I love beautiful notebooks but I feel like I'll be spoiling them, so they sit there unused and unloved! I am hoping to change this :) x

    Magie - I think that's what I like about it, the fact it's not just documenting a day or a week but just letting out ideas and thoughts. (I can see it ending up like Karl Pilkington's diary, but hey-ho!) I love the idea of putting photos in it, I don't have a printer though. This may be a stumbling block! I'll have to come up with a solution to that. x

  4. I think I'm kind of using my blog as a journal of my creative efforts.
    Good on your for wanting to keep a 'real' one, though. And I love buying new stationary- it reminds me of the beginning of a new school term!
    Will have to try to get a Mollie Makes- the last one I found was missing the felt rings pack, but it was the last one I could find anywhere, so I still bought it (feeling mightily miffed, I might say)!
    Have a good weekend.

  5. Oh Annaboo, that is disappointing. I hope you enjoyed reading it at least. Buying new stationery is one of the great pleasures in my life. My brother and I both love it. It's so nice when everything is new and fresh and lovely. Especially when it's colourful, too! I think my journal will be to do with inspiration and happiness. I might even start it soon!

    You have a fab weekend too, lady! x

  6. doh i forgot to subscribe to the mollie makes thing too..must do that soon! I love those fineliner pens, i always carry a black one around for doodling. I did a course once on visual diaries and it was all about using your journal ina purely visual words, just doodles, scraps, tickets, pictures etc it was really fun to do and the diary that i did is so much fun to look at..(unfortunately i cant find the blummin thing! its got lost in my crafty crud stash somewhere!) I'll post some pics if i can find it! the blog you linked to is lovely too!
    enjoy your new journal x

  7. Its always such a treat to go on an unexpected shopping spree! Love your blog banner. This is a very fun and creative space you have here ;-)

  8. LDB - that sounds like a really cool idea, just using pictures and doodles and stuff. I am very verbose, however, I think I would have done miserably badly on that sort of course! It would be outside my creative comfort zone, though, which has got to be a good thing, I think. Maybe I will give it a shot some time! If you can find yours under the craft pile I would love to see it.

    K - thank you very much, that's such a lovely thing to say. Unexpected shopping sprees are one of the best things ever! I usually suffer from indecision, so if I have too long to think about what to buy it all goes wrong. Not this time, though! :)

  9. I may just go through your blog saying "Oooh I have those too!!" So yeah, I have the pastel fineliners- half price in Tesco!

  10. They were bargain-tastic. I love these pens, and the more colours the better. Wonder what else you've got! x


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