Sunday, 24 July 2011

Ten in ten!

Well, the other week I did this post which was seven days in seven photographs. I had been having a little nosey at Tales from Cuckoo Land and enjoyed this post, which was a brilliant spontaneous day in pictures type affair. Cuckoo made the fab suggestion that she try my idea and I try hers. So here is my effort, ten pictures in ten hours! (OK, it's ten pictures but it's not quite ten hours. I wasn't as disciplined as Cuckoo! I couldn't persuade my phone to repeat an alarm every hour like she did, so I had to rely on myself to take the pictures every hour, and a couple of times I didn't manage it! So it's more like ten in sixteen really!)

Getting ready to go into town and wrangling my fringe unsuccessfully

Having a coffee at Terry's in the Potteries market

Picking up some skincare in Hanley Lush

Stopping for a coffee and a very naughty pain au raisin. It gave me the tummy ache, but it was totally yum!

Back home, sitting at my mum's dining table and enjoying the warm weather with the back door open

My brother and I made an amazing fruit salad, but when I went to wash the strawberries we had a man overboard situation and this little fella plopped into the washing up bowl!

Apricot Swiss roll after lunch. More naugtiness. Delicious though.

Tabitha getting sleepy in the evening

The fruit salad. It was divine!

Reading my book before bed
I was on leave from work and went to stay with my mum, so this is, unfortunately, not a normal day for me! It was much nicer and more exciting though. Hope everyone has had a good week!


  1. Great Idea..It looks and sounds like a fun day :) I am now craving a cup of coffee, a pain au raisin, a swiss roll and a fruit salad! What a lovely view of your Mother's looks like a lovely garden.

  2. What a cool idea.
    Love all the foodie pics.

  3. looks like you had a nice and chilled out day. I really want cake now though!!

  4. Magie - thank you. It was a great day! I realise now that most of my day seemed to revolve around food! The garden is very lovely, my mum keeps it looking nice.

    Annaboo - thanks! Credit to Cuckoo for coming up with it! Her pics are fab too, I'm looking forward to seeing her week in pictures.

    LDB - it was a lovely week, actually. Really nice to see my mum and brother. And I eat far too much cake, as you can see. This is not good as I'm wheat intolerant! Why do I do it to myself? :D

  5. fun idea!

    i LURVE pain au raisin and similar pastries, but alas, crabs and all that. in moderation ;)

  6. Never a truer word was spoken Monica! Perhaps I shouldn't have had the pain au raisin AND the swiss roll in the same day! It was so yum though :)

  7. OMG! All that lovely food!! I wish we could have swapped days, yours looks much calmer and relaxing than mine. Love the man over board strawberry with it's bubbly coat.

    I am going to start snapping tonight.


  8. Heh, needless to say we didn't eat the bubbly strawberry! I felt bad for the litte feller!

    Can't wait to see your week in pics x

  9. that is such a good idea, I might try it as it would make me take more pics of things that aren't piles of fabric :) I just read your other post about R.H.Bay my fave place ever, I recognised the scene from your sketch...many hours with a fishing net and wet feet spent there
    x x x x x x

  10. Oh fab, thank you Jane, what a lovely nostalgic image that is! You should totally do the pictures thing! I would love to see it x


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