Monday, 24 October 2011

Guest post: Awesome women of craft

Hi Things to Make & Doodlers, my name's Kirsty and I blog over at The Leopard Anchor. I'm just dropping by to share with you some fabulous women who are rockin' the craft industry.

First up is a lady who is one of my craft idols, Jenny Hart, founder of Sublime Stitching. Jenny is responsible for making embroidery cool, with her rock 'n' roll patterns and her superb stitched artwork.

Sublime Stitching was born in 2001 and it completely revolutionised embroidery, with the tag line 'this ain't your gramma's embroidery', Jenny ain't lying.

You can find Jenny's online shop here, her artwork here and some work produced from her patterns here.

Katie of Skunkboy Creatures make the best plush animals I've ever seen, she has made cuddly toys cool again.

One day I will own one of Katie's plush taxidermy (below, far right), I think her creatures are so beautiful.

Katie writes a great blog here, her online shops can be found here and here.

Sunni of A Fashionable Stitch first came to my attention when I was on the hunt for sewing notions. She sells the prettiest tailor's hams, seam rolls and pincushions, better yet - she makes them herself! In her online shop, Sunni also sells fine & vintage haberdashery items, patterns & belt-making kits.

On A Fashionable Stitch you will also find Sunni's blog, which is a really excellent sewing resource!

You can find the A Fashionable Stitch blog and shop here.

I credit Sarai Mitnick for my instant love of dressmaking and early successes. Her company, Colette Patterns, is WONDERFUL. The designs are spot on, and the instructions are jargon-free and easy to follow.

Also present on the Colette Patterns website is their fantastic blog, it has a great mix of behind the scenes peeks (my favourite), tutorials, tips and general sewing goodness.

(^that's me, in the first dress I ever made - thanks Colette Patterns!)

Find the Colette Patterns website here, and Sarai's personal blog here.

I've actually just written about Kirstie Allsopp on my blog. I'm not obsessed, but I do think she is a fantastic ambassador for crafts.

Kirstie's new craft program, Kirstie's handmade Britain started last week and is showing every Wednesday at 8pm on Channel 4. In this series she'll be entering craft competitions across the country, after learning the skills from some of Britain's great craftspeople.

Kirstie's website is here, her books can be found here and here.

And there they are, who are your favourite craftswomen?

xo Kirsty

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  1. so agreeing with you, they're awesome women, crafty and talented, gotta check their websites out, thanks for sharing the links!



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