Sunday, 23 October 2011

Week as I am

Good morning everyone, it's time for the statutory weekly roundup post!

I love the building across the river. The sign i's kind of retro. Walking by the river again - gotta love crisp Autumn days!

Warning up with a chilli

My birdie brooch gets an outing


Breakfast at Castle Howard.

It was my week off so the food's been a bit indulgent! Lunch at GBK.

I love the glass coke bottles. And the tomato bottle!
I seriously have a thing for taking pictures of food, not sure why. Doodle-Dad came to visit this week and everything I ate I photographed. He thought I was bonkers, and he's probably right! We also ate a lemon drizzle cake I got from the farm shop at Castle Howard, but that was gone before anyone could even think about getting a camera out!

I hope you all had a fab week. And if you head over here tomorrow morning you can check out a marvellous guest post from the lovely Kirsty.


  1. I am the same, I am always taking photos of food as well..if I go out to eat, I always take a sneaky photo of what I have ordered :P
    The area around the river looks like a lovely place to go for a stroll.
    Your birdie brooch is just adorable!

  2. you're not alone! my in laws always tsk-ing me whenever i came to visit for lunch at their place and took pics before i eat the food and of course it's one of the reasons why also i like cooking and baking, coz then i can take pics after that haha...lovely photos and Yay for lil birdie brooch first outing!



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