Sunday, 30 October 2011

Met This Girl on Monday

Question: why is thinking up lyrics for songs related to weeks so much fun? (Answer: because I am sad!)

Spooky marshmallow! I saw them in M&S and shouted out, 'FLUMPS!'

Home made Chai latte. Two Dragonfly Chai teabags in half a cup of boiled water, topped up with warm milk. YUM.

New hair. Hurrah!

My new favourite lipgloss.

I've been making more felt brooches. A deer...

...and a rose. Cute!
I hope you've all had a fab week! Sorry for lack of postage this week. This is what happens when you have capped internet data!

1 comment:

  1. What a cute pumpkin marshmallow..(he looks pretty sad, as if he knows that his time is soon up, and soon he will be dunked into a cup of hot chocolate :P).
    The chai latte sounds yummy, I will have to see if I can pick up a pack of it at the shops next.
    Your new hairstyle looks great ( I like your red lipstick colour, you are wearing in that photo).
    That deer brooch is adorable!!
    Have a lovely week :)


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