Thursday, 30 June 2011

Bookmarks the spot

Why is it that there is never a bookmark when I need one? I had two books on the go recently (a bit naughty since I'd vowed to stop trying to read more than one thing at a time - I get confused and easily distracted!) and I realised I always seem to be using random things that are near at hand to mark my place. I'm not even just talking about paper-based items, like receipts. I mean combs, emery boards, plasters still in the packet... This might give you an insight into how disorganised I am.

I decided, then, that if I wanted a ready supply of bookmarks, there was no reason I couldn't make some myself. I had some greetings card blanks and decided they would do, and I got out my pencils, pens and crayons, stuck some music on, and had a doodle.

I drew around the only bookmark I have that I seem to be able to keep track of - it's the one that came with my Moleskine Passions Book Journal. I like the shape of it. I filled in four of the blanks while watching mindless telly, and then today I coloured them in while listening to Patrick Wolf. Very relaxing!

This was what my desk looked like when I'd finished!

And here is a closer look:

I liked the rounded corners. And the 'flights of imagination' one is my favourite. I think I would like to make some more, but in different shapes this time, maybe like Kawaii characters or some such.

At least now I won't need to look for a nail file when I finish a chapter!


  1. Very practical! I do have some lovely bookmarks but tend to leave them in the book I've just finished reading. I then have to use receipts, boarding cards (when at the airport!) or whatever else is handy at the time.

  2. Heh, I reckon if I shook out every book on my shelf there would be shedloads of bookmarks I've forgotten about! I used a blister pack of painkillers the other day because that was the nearest thing to hand! :)

  3. I really liked the viney one with flowers, very pretty! I read a lot and don't even bother with bookmarks. I generally remember where I was up to - years of practise perhaps!
    xXx Helen

  4. I've taken to doing that too Helen, I can tell you that I'm on page 73 of The Timewaster Letters by Robin Cooper at the moment. See, I made all these practical bookmarks and then I left them at home when I went to my fella's house. I'm a lost cause! :D


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