Monday, 27 June 2011

Picspiration: jellyfish

Some pictures, I look at and get a rush of inspiration to create something based on them. My recent interest in the world of Karl Pilkington and his bizarre thoughts about jellyfish reminded me that on a trip to Scarborough's Sea Life Centre last year I took a great many photographs of the things.

I am that annoying person you can't go anywhere with because they stop every two seconds to take about a hundred photographs of the same thing!

Looking at these pictures almost takes my breath away. Not because I'm a skilled photographer (snort) but because they are so beautiful and ethereal. When I was at school, pastels were my favourite medium, and I am now desperate to get my hands on some chalk pastels so I can recreate these images. Oh, I do love a project.


  1. Lovely photos! I also tend to take a load of photos of the same thing - hopefully that way at least one will turn out decent!
    Andrea (new follower!)

  2. Oh thank you Andrea :) My OH hates going for walks with me because I stop every five minutes and he gets really bored! But I'm like you, I figure if I keep snapping away, one's gotta come out good!


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