Sunday, 3 July 2011

Lazing on a sunny afternoon

Yesterday I went for a lovely walk, ate some lovely food, and bought some lovely things. It looked a bit like this:

It was a glorious day and I got a bit sunburned. It is years since I've been sunburned, and I am very careful with suncream because I'm very pale. Unfortunately, I hadn't realised I'd missed a spot on my back, so I now have an attractive red patch and stink of Sudocrem. That'll teach me!

I went with my mister to a lovely local restaurant for lunch. We had some yummy food - mine is a 'vegetable stack' burger. I didn't eat the bread so for me it was just a vegetable stack! It was very nice though. Then we had ice cream from Thorntons. Mine was one scoop of rum n' raisin and one of raspberry cream. In a tub, because I don't eat wheat. (Hurrah for the tub, no cone for me!)

We had been to a car boot sale first thing, where I picked up a lovely project bag for my crocheting. I have been spending far too much time online looking at yarn in lots of wonderful colours and I'm finding it hard to know where to start, but at least now I'll have something lovely to put it in! We also nipped into Ryman where I found a set of soft pastels (I don't do oil, dahling) and also some A3 black card, so Thunderbirds are go on the old jellyfish project. I think that's what they call progress!

I am currently sitting at my lovely desk listening to Bif Naked and glancing every now and again at the postcards I received from my mother and brother who were on holiday last week without me. They had a glorious time at the seaside! I am hankering for some seaside action and Mr Doodles has promised to take me to the beach next weekend. Let's hope the weather holds, and if it does I am being super duper extra careful with the Factor 50 this time round!

I hope you're all having a lovely weekend!


  1. You poor thing getting burnt- it is quite horrid. Aloe vera is really calming, or use some hemp oil to restore the skin quickly.
    I love your bag, and I am very envious of it x

    p.s thanks for your sweet comments on my blog

  2. i'm straining to see if i can work out where you went! reminds me of cambridge a little...

    groovy bag, art supplies, food without wheat, carbooting..... you've described a day i would enjoy! even down to my fave ice-cream choice - rum & raisin!

  3. Hi there, I love your weekend pics and your blog.. I have passed on an award to you :)
    have a happy week
    Jane x x

  4. you're pictures look lovely, seems like you had a good day!
    I'm gonna follow you, your blog looks nice!

    have a good day.

  5. Thank you all for your lovely comments!

    Pangaloon, I have been using Aloe Vera gel. I didn't realise on Sunday just how badly I got burned. I had to seek medical attention! I love my bag too, I found it on the last row we got to, so I was delighted someone else hadn't snaffled it up already! x

    Monica - it is York. It was an utterly perfect day, if only I hadn't got sunburned! Rum n' raisin is just so good. I think it's my joint favourite with mint choc chip! :D

    Jane - Thank you! That's very kind of you <3

    SOS - Thank you very much! We had a lovely day but we were so tired that we went to sleep at nine o'clock that night! My fella is usually up until midnight so that was a first - I walked his legs off round that boot sale!

    Love to you all!


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