Thursday, 14 July 2011

Inspiration: Howl's Static Blog Post

I re-watched Howl's Moving Castle at the weekend. The art is just beautiful, and the story so romantic. I haven't read the original book yet, but I have it, courtesy of a very kind friend. I think the images are beautiful and inspiring. They even make me want to paint landscapes in watercolour. (I suck at watercolour!) All images from Google:

I drew a quick sketch of Howl myself:

I have ideas buzzing round in my head and I've been thinking about them on and off all week. It's harlequins and card suits and chess boards and the flash of the gold of a necklace... Hmmm. It is nice when something plants a seed of an idea!


  1. I LOVE miyazaki's films, have you seen Totoro or Spirited Away (my favourite). They all have the most beautuful art work and the stories are really original and inspiring. He always weaves Japanese folk tales and tradition into his films. Look forward to seeing the product of your inspiration x

  2. Your sketch is amazing! I've never seen Howl's Moving Castle, but it looks quite beautiful.


  3. Studio ghibli films are amazing, my favourite is spirited away (although I can't watch the bit where the big poo monster thing is sliming about). They're so gently paced and calming, I usually watch them on a Sunday afternoon on the sofa :) xx

  4. Studio ghibli films are so beautiful, they have a really gentle pace. My favourite is spirited away but they're all so good! I'm glad somebody else loves them :) xxx ps that drawing is super!

  5. Dotty - I have seen both of those, I adore them both! I just think they're absolutely beautiful. My ideas are developing as I read the book but I've left some of my materials at home (I'm away for the week) so the ideas are just bobbing about with no way to get out!

    Melissa - the film is marvellous. It's a great story written by a Welsh author and given the beautiful Ghibli treatment. There are some great actors doing the voices too.

    Helen - thank you! I love Spirited Away too. The poo monster is yucky! The characters are brill though, I love Haku. They are indeed the perfect Sunday afternoon viewing! (Curled up on the couch with a cuppa and some crochet!)

  6. wow that sketch is awesome! i haven't seen this film yet, but like dotty i love spirited away!! x

  7. Thank you rosieposie! Howl is totally worth watching. I adore the music too, it's so dreamy and perfect. I think I'm a bit obsessed!

  8. I love Howls Moving Castle! I have a lovely book full of storyboards and images from the film that I got as a gift once. It's a lovely film, I always wish I had one of those magic doors that opens to different places! :)

  9. That sounds like a fab book Beth! I wish I had a door like that too. I could get up later and still get to work on time! :D x


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