Thursday, 21 July 2011

Stormy weather

I had some lovely comments about my little sketch in my last post, so I thought I would show you something proper wot I drew! A couple years ago, Mr Doodle and I went on a little weekend to Robin Hood's Bay in North Yorkshire. It's a beautiful spot near Whitby and Ravenscar, a little town set on the side of the cliff, with beautiful little crafty shops and a little grocer's, and a lovely beach. It was February when we went, so not exactly a spectacular day weather-wise, but I took some photos of the beach and bay, and from one of those I drew a sketch which I gave him for a birthday present.

It's now on the wall in his room (I framed it and everything, although it took a while to get a frame I thought was right) and it makes us smile whenever we see it. (I realised when I went to watermark the pictures that I didn't take one showing the frame, so you'll have to take my word for it that it looks good!)

I put that middle one in to show you it has my signature on! I realise the reflection off the glass probably ruins it but I didn't want to take it out of the frame in case I smudged it or something!

My mother recently went on holiday to the seaside (New Quay in Wales) and got some great pictures of rocks and splashing water, which I have earmarked for replication in pastels - they have great texture. I do like seasidey pictures! What do you like to draw?


  1. Clever you!
    I have been to Robin Hood's bay years back and this drawing takes me back.
    Very atmospheric.

  2. Lovely sketch and sweet idea for a birthday present! I used to love drawing the beach huts and the pier down at Brighton beach when we lived there, I'll have to dig them out to show you, you've just inspired my next post!.
    lisa :)

  3. Annaboo - thank you, I think it's such a lovely little place.

    Lisa, I would love to see them! I love beach huts, I think they look really retro and nostalgic. Can't wait to see your drawings!


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