Friday, 18 November 2011

DIY Circle Scarf

This is a super easy crochet project that you can make pretty quickly, and tweak it so it's as long and as wide as you want.

01. Pick some yarn you love. I went for this bright green DK.
02. Pick a hook size you like. I used a 6.5mm hook as I wanted a fairly open weave and large stitches.
03. It's a circle scarf, so it's made to wrap. Leaving a long tail at the beginning, chain a multiple of four, plus three stitches, to the length you want. Wrap the chain around your neck to see that the length is right.

04. Make several rows of fishnet stitch, which will be the first half of the full width of the scarf.
05. Make another row just the same except with one less stitch before each single crochet into the arch - this will give you a nice even chain to make your dividing rows into.
06. To make it more interesting to look at, make a few rows of half-double crochet - making these stitches into the back loop will give a nice ribbed effect.
07. Resume fishnet stitch, and make the same number of rows as you made for the first half.
08. Make a final row of chain to give you a flat, straight edge as before.

09. Using the long tail you left, single crochet or slip stitch the short ends together.

10. Ta-dah!

NB. For instructions on how to make the fishnet stitch I used Debbie Stoller's Stitch n' Bitch: The Happy Hooker. It's my crochet bible! ♥


  1. I seriously have to learn how to the scarf!

  2. This is lovely- love the bright green, looks super snuggly

  3. you're so good at this! always wanted to try to crochet other than small flowers and crochet projects but still have not yet the confidence to do it, the scarf is so lovely! thanks for sharing on how to make it!

    x susan

  4. Absolutely adore this and the colour is my favourite kind of green. I shall be bookmarking this - althought I'll need to learn this fishtail stitch you speak of! I shall also be bookmarking the owl bookmark you made in a previous post and getting my daughter on the case tout de suite! Have a wonderful weekend. xx


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