Sunday, 20 November 2011

Seven Days

Craving sunny fruit on bleak days!

I can't get enough of my acrylics paints right now, I think these colours are gorgeous.

Animal bars!

My first festive Starbucks of the year. 

These are going to become pompoms.

I got Sharpies for my birthday! 

New sewing box. Love.

Starting to make some fun things for Christmas.

And speaking of, this is going on my tree!

It's been a fun week, but really busy. I went to visit my mum and bro, so I've spent the whole time eating chocolate and watching about a bazillion episodes of Battlestar Galactica. Oh, and it was my birthday too. Yay!  Lots of presents and fun family time. I hope you've all had a good one.


  1. awww Happy Birthday to you! loving all the photos, adorable and i love ur new sewing box! ooh cant remember when i last went to starbucks. x susan

  2. Sounds like you've had a great week - belated happy birthday!!

    Isn't it great that the Christmas drinks are back in Starbucks... I make a point of having an eggnog latte every Saturday at this time of year. It's my little treat (only one a week because they taste verrrry fattening! ha!).

    Show us your pom poms (ha! how funny does that sound) when you've made them... Love a nice pom pom and your yarn is so bright and pretty.

    Nicki xx

  3. A Very Happy (slightly belated) Birthday to you!! :)

    I like your pom poms..great colours :) What are you plans for them? I have been busy making a bunch as well, I am planning on making them into garland for the tree..not to sure if it will work well or not though.

    That drink from Starbucks looks just too good! Around this time of year, I love to have a bit of baileys in my coffee (keeps me (fairly) sane over the holiday period..haha).

    Have a great week :)

  4. Susan, I love a Starbucks, me! My new sewing box is my mum's old sewing box. She'd had it years and now it has been passed down to me! Like an heirloom or something!

    Nicki, I haven't had an eggnog one yet but I intend to. It was a gingerbread one in the pic. Hurrah for festive things! I will crack out my pompoms when they are made. They're only little ones and it's a bit fiddly with hammy hands like mine!

    Magie, the pompoms are going on my Christmas tree. I seem to have become obsessed with making decorations this year. No more boring old red and gold baubles for me, I've gone a bit nuts and am craving ridiculous, non-traditional bright colours! And a bit of Baileys in your coffee never goes amiss. I like a Snowball during the festive season myself!

    Thank you all for the birthday wishes! xx

  5. aww happy birthday! loving your photos, and the tiny weeny knitted hat!! x (and that pic of an animal bar made me drool!!)

  6. Okay, those soon to be pom-poms are too stinkin cute! My cat Lucy would have so much fun batting those sweet little yarn balls. Thanks for coming by my blog today. It was good to hear from you!


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