Saturday, 9 July 2011

On the case

It was my mother's birthday on July 1st, and since she is very much into crochet herself at the moment, I thought a good gift might be somewhere to keep her hooks. I started with a very simple pattern from here, and adapted it so it was taller and wider!

I got the flower pattern from this month's issue of Mollie Makes, which I managed to track down in my local WHSmith. At first I thought I'd be disappointed because I couldn't spot it with the crafty stuff, so I decided I'd do a quick recce round the rest of the magazine section just in case while I sent Mr. Doodle to buy a ticket for the Euro Millions. As he walked off, I turned around to see a separate stand of 'featured' magazines, and lo and behold, there it was. I couldn't believe my luck! (It later ran out, as I didn't win the lottery. Ah well!)


  1. what a great idea, and it looks super cute
    hope yoru luck comes back :)

  2. oh what a beautiful idea! i love mollie makes too, have a subscription :-)
    your mum will love it <3

  3. G4C - thank you! I did it in her favourite colours. She is very girly :)

    rosie, I feel the need to subscribe to MM too. I want to be able to get hold of it without too much hassle and it just seems to be so popular that I can't count on that unless I subscribe! And thank you, I hope she loves the case and that it's practical. I don't know what hooks she has, she said she had a mixture so I tried to vary the pocket sizes accordingly!


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