Sunday, 13 November 2011

One Week

Some festive doodles.

It's been a happy week!

Spent some quality time at my desk

Love these, forgot I had them.

The brooch in action. And I love mustard yellow!

My new love.

Like strawberry with a hint of cough syrup. Yum.

Really inspired by Sufjan Stevens lately.
It's been a busy one, but a good one, and tomorrow I'm packing to return to the mothership for my birthday next week. It'll be fun - rain trip! I plan to get my first festive Starbucks of this year, read the newspapers and listen to Hugh Laurie. I hope you've all had a good one, what have you been up to?


  1. Gorgeous picture and I love his music too!x

  2. Your Christmas sketches are adorable..I love to doodle as well :) The bow brooch goes so well with the mustard yellow colour. I love the colour of mustard yellow, it is one of my favourite colours to wear.
    Yummy reese cups..I use to love those, haven't had them for awhile now..peanut butter and chocolate make a fab combination!


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